Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ubuntu: Netdude Manual Installation

I use netdude for pcap file editing, it's simple and straightforward since it is gui based, however the ubuntu package is rather old(0.3.x) and I need to use the latest version, here's quick way to get the latest version of netdude installed on Ubuntu 8.04.

Download the latest version of netdude, libpcapnav and libnetdude from here -


Then install all the necessary packages -

shell>sudo apt-get install stow

shell>sudo apt-get install build-essential

shell>sudo apt-get install libgtk1.2-dev

shell>sudo apt-get install libpcap0.7-dev

Decompress netdude, libpcapnav and libnetdude, and install them following the sequence - libpcapnav, libnetdude and netdude. It should be prety quick to get it done.

Enjoy ;]

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Anonymous said...

Awesome article! I've used it before as the netdude installation manual. I have some issues during compilation of netdude 0.5 (libpcap 0.11). I'm using ubuntu 8.10(latest). It could be a bug in the software that and I can't compile or maybe I'm missing some libraries. Whould you please update your manual?