Saturday, December 13, 2008

Anonymous Troll

I have previously blogged about my experience in Singapore Govware here, however I don't know I get such interesting comment until I was told by a friend who read it. The comment is written as following -

Anonymous said ....
With all due respect to you and your great work with hex and what not, I'd like to rant a bit. I know its belated, but here goes :)

Sometimes security is not about you 'teaching' people what to do with your l337 NSM toolkit. It is normal for security conferences/events to be a closed door affair or by invitation only. I bet there were some concerns by some parties that you're blackhats/can't_be_trusted/not-really-security-analyst whom they can share information with. So its better late than never to kick you out. The level or kind of stuff you and other l337 friends write at also don't help I think.

So get real, be trusted, and stop associating yourself with ppl whose deep insights on security are only by taking screenshots at defacements or error messages, blowing them out of porportion, make kidd1e5 happy and then sell a training program! So don't be disheartened at being kicked out at a per invite only program.

I don't really want to argue anything here, my point here is if you don't know me, don't justify me with your narrow minded like you know me very well, and stop acting like anonymous coward.

Peace ;]

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ayoi said...

Lol, used to get that kind of comments. Bah. just ignore them. Btw no wonder now that you're so quiet eh.. Working for a new company.. Congrats ;)