Saturday, December 13, 2008

What Am I Doing?

I hardly blog these days, and have been busy with current works plus my own fun research. It's about the end of year 2008 and I figure life is more challenging when I'm getting older.

raWPacket is currently in the state of "slowing down" or you can call it slacking, so we will restart our engine next year(2009). Hopefully we can get many interesting projects done in coming year, some are on the way!

It's been couple of months working for GE now, thanks to my friend - Richard Bejtlich for the opportunity, faithfully. For the other guys I'm working with, you guys are always rocking!

For my own research, lets keep it secret for now, it will be revealed soon.

Cheers ;]

1 comment:

Akram said...

wow! GE, nice! congratz bro for your new job!