Thursday, December 18, 2008

*nixes Backup Solution

I'm looking at various backup solutions that are availabe for unix variants. There are so many of them and I'm just listing them down here in case I forgot what I have found.

- Timevault

- Flyback

- Kbackup

- Rsnapshot

- Rdiff-Backup

Some other solutions can be found here.

Cheers ;]


Anonymous said...

You didn't mention BackupPC, Bacula or my ugly backup shellscript :)

Rsnapshot is nice, I used it before I moved to a simple rsync/ZFS system.

C.S.Lee said...

Hi Anonymous,


wahlau said...

i use Unison that should even allow windows users to sync. so far it works for me.

Roman said...

If it does not have to be free have a look at NetVault of BakBone.

Anonymous said...

These look like great options for backing up unix. Thanks for the info.