Friday, September 11, 2009

Argus 3: Database Support

If you have followed argus mailing list, you should have known that Carter has implemented argus database client(rasql/rasqlinsert) to read/write/bla network flow records to database. I'm currently testing this feature and here's the preview for you -

Currently it seems to work on my testing machine. I will introduce more about the new argus client tools such as ralabel, rasql, rasqlinsert and etc in my coming posts.

Cheers (;])


Anonymous said...

Nice post! Thanks for sharing your experience with argus it is very interesting!
Would love to hear more about argus usage in large network environments with multiple "argus sensors" and aggregation of the flows on a central server.


C.S.Lee said...

hi there,

Thanks, I will see if I can write about the argus installation on large network, normally you have to use radium in that case.

Cheers ;]