Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mac OSX: NetGrok

I like security visualization tools, and it helps you to interpret computer events easily. Here's how I get NetGrok running in my apple laptop -

Download and install Jpcap -

shell>wget http://netresearch.ics.uci.edu/kfujii/jpcap/jpcap-0.7.tar.gz

shell>tar xvzf jpcap-0.7.tar.gz

shell>cd jpcap-0.7/src/c


shell>cp libjpcap.jnilib /Library/Java/Extensions/

shell>cp ../../jpcap.jar /Library/Java/Extensions/

Download and run NetGrok

shell>wget http://netgrok.googlecode.com/files/netgrok20080928.zip

shell>unzip netgrok20080928.zip

shell>cd Netgrok

There's problem with the file groups.ini, you have to change this line


To -


Now you can run netgrok without problem -

shell>java -jar netgrok20080928.jar

Below are two screenshots I took -

You might want to check it out, it definitely supports pcap format file! For more information you can check out at NetGrok site.

Cheers (;])

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Netfortius said...

Great info - thank you. One note: I found jpcap.jar in [jpcap-0.7 dir]/lib, so ../../ won't reach it from src/c