Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mac OSX: Sguil Client

My pal Spoonfork has written about how to get sguil client works on Mac OSX previously here, however some of readers reported it won't work on Mac OSX 10.5 or later as tclX is failed to compile. If you really want to get sguil client up and running on Mac OSX, here are the steps -

Download ActiveState TCL for Mac OSX platform from the link below, you can choose either version 8.4.x or 8.5.x as both work -


Then what you need to do is click click install, once you are done, obtain sguil client 0.7 from -


I choose sguil-client-0.7.0.tar.gz, follow the steps below once you have it downloaded -

shell>tar xvzf sguil-client-0.7.0.tar.gz

shell>cd sguil-0.7.0/client

shell>wish8.5 sguil.tk

You should be good going by now, enjoy playing with sguil client console! If you install Activetcl version 8.4.x, then just run wish8.4 sguil.tk instead.

Cheers (;])


Ismael Valenzuela said...

Thanks mate. When using Activestate TCL 8.5 it still complaints that it doesn't have Extended TCL (tclx) which won't compile from source on Mac OS 10.5+. However wish8.4 seems to run sguil.tk fine! Even on Snow Leopard ;)

Anonymous said...

As far as I can tell, right-mouse actions are totally nonfunctional with ActiveTCL or with just installing tcllib natively within the OSX 10.5 default tcl8.4.

Are you having the same problem? Or perhaps you're satisfied with only left-clicks?

Tokwear said...

I'll get myself play this tool soon :D

Anonymous said...

Hi there trying to run sguil,i'm encountering in this error could someone point to the right direction?I'm a complete newbie
ERROR: The tcllib_dns package version 1.3.1 or higher is requred.
The tcllib_dns package is part of the tcllib extension. More information
is available at http://tcllib.sourceforge.net

can't find package dns 1.3.1
Error in startup script: invalid command name "CleanExit"
while executing
invoked from within
"if [catch {package require dns 1.3.1} dnsVersion] {
puts "ERROR: The tcllib_dns package version 1.3.1 or higher is requred."
puts "The tcllib_..."
(file "sguil.tk" line 46)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

thanks for this :)
using 10.5.8

Linda said...

I will check it out tonight when I get back to my computer.

Thanks for sharing.
Helen Neely

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