Saturday, September 23, 2006

HITB Conference 2006

Finally everything is over, I'm glad that the training class was going fine for the first time me and mel conducting it together.

For the Capture The Flags Hacking Competition. While it is not perfect, we all learnt something from the setup and improvement can be done in future, thanks to all the CTF Crews, speakers who submitted the daemons as well as the volunteers who doing the cabling job.

I don't have much time to get into any speaker's talk but Philippe Biondi, since I use Scapy a lot and his talk was really interesting including the tricks and tips on toying with IPv6.

Finally thanks to all the HITB members to make this conference successful.

Again, I'm glad to work with you guys - mel, takizo, rd, xwings, ditesh, adli, y0muds and some other cool guys. You all just r0x0r5!!!!!

Special thanks to mel for his clothes, takizo who offers me his place to stay while I'm homeless..... and his kindness for donating so much $$$$$ to NCC.

Cheers :]

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