Monday, July 03, 2006

FreeBSD Based Projects

I like the projects that built on top of FreeBSD, I have found two that actually grab my attention, the first one is Frenzy, the FreeBSD Based System Admin Live CD, it uses Fluxbox as main Window Manager and including tons of useful tools for Sysadmin, I will give it a try once I finish downloading it.

Another project is FreeNAS, FreeNAS is the answer to Network Attached Storage System. While many companies sell expensive NAS solution, you can actually do the same thing by using FreeNAS which is much more cost effective especially for home users who can't afford. I had already installed and get it up and running within minutes, the web base configuration that based on m0n0wall is very clean.

I suggest you take a look at it, for the fun of it -

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