Sunday, July 16, 2006

Gmail Lover

I always like the small utility that works well for me, I have used this little utility calls gmail-notify now to track the incoming google mail automatically. If you are on FreeBSD, just pkg_add will do. Then create a file call .notifier.conf under your user directory, the content should be almost similar to -

lang = English
voffset = 0
gmailusername = geek00L
checkinterval = 20000
gmailpassword = 123456
browserpath = opera-devel
popuptimespan = 5000
hoffset = 0
actionpath = play
animationdelay = 15

You may tweak your browserpath, mine is opera-devel since I'm using opera, go with what you like. To run it manually,


Nichy little util indeed .....

Cheers :)

1 comment:

surface said...

You can have that with firefox plugin

Oh ya, you use opera.