Saturday, July 01, 2006

FTP Commands & Codes

If I recall myself correctly, I did mentioned in my previous blog posts regarding the important of understanding http commands & codes, while I think it is pretty useful when analyzt need to perform analysis on http session, the same thing happens to ftp as well. One should at least know partial well known ftp commands such as RETR, STOR and codes like 226 or 250.

Normally you won't see much benefit until you get your hand dirty with ftp session, by looking at the ftp code you may know whether file is successfully uploaded or downloaded, here are two quick and straight forward urls that explaining about ftp commands and codes very well -

Or if you never feel enough of reading quick guides and would like to know more inner working of FTP, RFC is recommended as always -
I'm more to RFC guy, apparently not everyone like RFC due to the lenghty contents.

~ RFC is just ROX ~

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