Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I think there are people who love graphical user interface, now there's simple and lightweight interface for argus client - arguseye. It is still very young but I can see more potentials in future development.

You can probably grab it @


Here's the screenshot -

It is very simple to use, just open argus file that you collected from your passive monitoring device, and load it. You can define the filter expressions(bpf like) to extract the flow data that you are interested to examine. You can also change the column placement and data to display by editing the display field. You able to sort the field(column) as well such as source port, destination port and etc by clicking on the field tab.

The colors in the interface can be tuned since it is written using perl/GTK. I would like to see active development in this tool such as supporting more argus client tools like racluster, rasplit and so forth.

Credit goes to Phil who has developed almost the first GUI(I can't find any GUI Frontend that supports Argus 3.x yet).

Enjoy :]

P/S: Argus 3 is almost out, most probably before end of this year!


LonerVamp said...

That's pretty sexy!

Anonymous said...


This link is outdated now..kindly can you tell how to install Arguseye GUI step by step, i downloaded arguseye-0.0.6, dont know how to get the front end, it would be of great help Sir.

Sabu kurian said...

Sir it would have been a great help to tell how to install arguseye and using it..downloaded the arguseye file and installed the perl commands but not able to connect to my argus server which is running on different vm and got ssh access on it. How to do configaration changes.