Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Language tutorial

Sometimes you can't resist to learn new language, I'm not talking about programming but human languages here in case someone think I'm too geeky. Learning is a process so I will learn small sum at a time.

So what have I learned today? Probably Portuguese language ...

Network protocols = poritas de rede
Network ports = portos de rede

Maybe I should learn the fundamental instead of jumping into network terms, but why should I?

I've told you I'm not geeky enough!!!!!

Enjoy ;P


sigint.operator said...


I'm portuguese from Portugal and I'll try to help you with the translations:

Network protocols = Protocolos de Rede not "poritas de rede" as you posted. But it was close :-)

Network ports was well translated ;-)

geek00L said...


It is always interesting to learn new language, and thanks for the pointer :)

rupam said...

i need help to learn portuguese language .i hope somebody helps me out