Monday, November 13, 2006

OpenBSD Darkstat

Darkstat is network statistic collection tool, and it works pretty well with ppp, I have been using pppoe that supported by Screamyx and I would like to collect statistic from it. Darkstat package is available for OpenBSD so installation is not much issue, I just need to execute it after installation.

shell>darkstat -i tun0 -p 80 -d

By default darkstat binds to any available interfaces and you can specify it if you want, I don't do so as this is just for testing and I just wanna see if it works. After running it and getting it listen on port 80, I just open my browser and the traffic graphs are shown.

It also has collected traffic statistics per host, you can examine each host and understand what ports and services are used by specific host when needed.

If you want to be more specific when collecting network statistic, just use its filter expression such with -f argument will do. By default darkstat doesn't offer any access control so using .htaccess to protect the information is what you can do for the moment.

Enjoy ;]

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