Saturday, November 04, 2006

FreeBSD Network Tap & Sguil Virtual Appliance

Follow up the OpenBSD Network Tap, I have added the section on NSM wiki for FreeBSD Network Tap after my testing on it. You can find the quick setup here -

By the way, my OpenBSD 4.0 + sguil qemu virtual appliance is almost done inline with the setup guide will be released around next week. For people who prefer VMware virtual appliance(I know most people do), I have delayed the release of it as my Ubuntu system crashes after upgraded to the latest version(edgy) and now I need to fix it before I can run vmplayer.

Thanks to nikns who has ported sguil to OpenBSD which seriously improves the sguil installation experience. I think latvian rox :P

Cheers :]

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