Saturday, June 30, 2007

liveCD changes

The liveCD website will be done pretty soon, so does the liveCD, we are currently doing all possible to reach first beta version and we have hard time through out last week but it is pretty much sorted out. By the way the liveCD has new name - Hex. You can find the reason why we name it as hex here.

This liveCD is NSM oriented and network security analyzt usually need to deal with hexadecimal(base16) when examining network data, and it is built using FreeBSD(red devil) Freesbie2 toolkits, therefore Hex is definitely the best artistic name ever.

By the way, I have configured bash shell to be more devilish with its two horns and tail -

Hex Bash Shell Prompt

You may notice that I haven't do much blogging lately, thanks to the liveCD development so that I can take a breath from the world of blogging(sarcasm).

Cheers (;])

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