Tuesday, June 19, 2007

raWPacket LiveCD - Wallpapers

Our liveCD main designer - Vickson has sent me two wallpapers, one is the wallpaper for raWPacket team and another mainly for raWPacket liveCD, it will be shipped with the liveCD and we have scheduled to release the first beta version by end of June. Here's the preview of the wallpapers -

raWPacket team

raWPacket liveCD

The team is currently working hard on it, aside from creating smooth workflow for analyzt when using this liveCD, other highlight features will be -

- 10 extra tcpXtract signatures will be distributed

- 8 extra pads signatures will be distributed

- Well design menu and applications launching placement

We are still testing all the applications we have added, flowgrep 0.9 and metasploit 3 failed to build due to the bugs in port and we have contacted the porter.

Work in progress and stay tuned .....

Peace ;]

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