Monday, June 11, 2007

raWPacket LiveCD - progress

I don't blog much lately due to sickness, while I don't do much on testing and analysis, me and chflags have made some progress on our raWPacket LiveCD which based on FreesBIE 2. Here's the screenshot -

It is no way near production yet but it is very close to beta release. Once we have finished the alpha stage, we will deliver the first beta version and welcome anyone to try out. chflags has put up the near beta version of iso, I have found some bugs and will try to fix it in the source tree so don't yawn at us if it doesn't work for you.

By the way, the liveCD will has its own home soon once we have finished building the website for it.

Cheers ;]


adli said...

Cool stuff. I'll definitely check it out. I heard you're in kl area these days. Get well soon ah.

hackintosh said...

cool dude,

i dont know whether you have ask chflags to remove the boardcom driver or not :P

anyway.. great job

Akram said...

cool man! can't wait anymore to test it! nice and great job man!