Wednesday, June 13, 2007

raWPacket LiveCD - progress 2

More progress about the liveCD development, most of the analysis tools are already added and the fluxbox menu is more shiny now. I have added sguil client as well because this liveCD is NSM oriented. Here's the quick screenshots -

Sguil Client Login Screen

Sguil Client Analyst Console

We are planning to add conky as system monitoring tool so if you have shiny conky configuration file - conkyrc that runs FreeBSD on laptop, feel free to share with us. Btw, here's the current raWPacket liveCD team members -

raWPacket liveCD Project
Original Idea & Leader: myself
Main Developer: chflags
Web Master: guti
Designer: vickson
Contributor: tenner(Fluxbox Style, irssi config)
Contributor: paulh(FreeBSD port)
Contributor: takizo

I will put more info once the main site of raWPacket liveCD is done, currently my blog will serve as liveCD project page until beta version is released.

Enjoy ;]


Akram said...

Is the live cd include OSSIM also? i think it is nice if you can put OSSIM package in that live cd, just my 2 cent. :)

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing..

best regards,

geek00L said...


Nope, I think you can try OSSIM using its vmware image instead. There's no FreeBSD port for OSSIM yet and it may requires efforts to port and we have no time for that.


No problem.Have fun ;)