Thursday, December 20, 2007

Tip for RTFM

Read The F*ing Manual(RTFM) is considered as one of the most famous quote around. Most of the time we can read the manual page by using command -

shell>man ls

There you will be able to read the manual page for ls command, but what if you are not installing the manual page to the default path(usually /usr/share/man but it may be vary in different operating system). You can do this if you want to read argus client tool - racluster man page.

shell>nroff -man racluster.5 | less

And what if you want to convert them to html format, just use man2html -

shell>man2html racluster.5 > racluster.5.html

Here's the html page -

Pretty simple isn't it.

Peace ;]

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Anonymous said...

you out of fashion lah... now people use "FGI" ...