Monday, November 06, 2006

OpenNSM Released

Finally it is done, the OpenBSD + Sguil Qemu Virtual Appliance, I named it OpenNSM, this is the first initial version and feel free to try out. The image size is around 920MB but has been compressed to 210MB with bzip, the image should be pretty smaller and lesser than 920MB, however since it is qcow format that can grow but not reducing the size even if you deleted the files in the image, thus it remains around 1GB size, and that also explains why the compression rate is so significant. If you like the virtual appliance, just donate me a thank will do. OpenBSD 4.0 Release and Sguil-0.6.0p1 are the main core of this virtual appliance so if you would like to try out OpenBSD 4.0 Release, this is one of good chance to try without installation as well.

The virtual appliance is available here -

You can find the README on how to use OpenNSM virtual appliance here -

So far I have tested it and it is pretty stable for me on my FreeBSD workstation. As usual if you are running into any problems or you have any suggestions regarding OpenNSM, feel free to email me - geek00L [at] gmail[dot] kom

The VMware version of OpenNSM will be released when I have time, cheers.

Enjoy (;])

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Unknown said...

I'm interested in trying out OpenNSM, but the host at appears to be down. Any advice?