Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Sguil Qemu Image: Corrections

I just realized that I have done a stupid mistake where I have this one liner in /etc/hostname.ne3 -

inet none

It is supposed to be NONE instead of none, I have smaller letters in the file and it should be changed, sorry for any inconvinience. Once you change it, either running -

shell>sh /etc/netstart

Or rebooting and the network will work by now if you are in 192.168.0./24 network. The other thing that need to be done should be the net-config.sh script under /root/nsm-scripts, please change it as well if you want the network configuration can be done via script instead of manual configuration. in fact my silly error is due to not testing the net-config.sh script enough before delivering the image.

Cheers :]

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