Monday, December 01, 2008

Drunken Monkey: Running Network Miner with Wine

Network-Based Forensics is emerging now, we are seeing more and more NBF tools in active development now, one of the decent NBF tool I would like to mention here is NetworkMiner which is developed by Erik Hjelmvik. NetworkMiner is developed using .net framework, therefore it has Windows version only, I will show you how you can get it running using Wine on *nix based OS especially Ubuntu Linux.

Installing Wine -

shell>sudo apt-get install wine wine-dev cabextract

Configure Wine -


In Application tab, change windows version to Windows 2000


Install cofefronts and .net framework 2.0 -

shell>sh winetricks corefonts dotnet20

Download NetworkMiner -

shell>wget \

Unzip it and run -

shell>wine NetworkMiner.exe

Here you go -

Cheers (;])


Richard Bejtlich said...

What a great post! I just followed your example and installed NetworkMiner on my Ubuntu machine also. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post CS!

I have for some time planned to build a release of NetworkMiner that can be run in *nix OS's through Mono. I do, however, have many other more urgent tasks to solve first, so it's great that you've shown how Linux users can use NetworkMiner already today!

corevil said...

ty dude great guide. really :)

i wanted to try it so i followed your steps but i received errors. here is le log of: sh winetricks corefonts dotnet20

and here is the error popup when i launche wive NetworkMiner.exe from X:

and here comes the terminal message when i run wive NetworkMiner.exe:

P.S. i have a early installed Ubuntu 8.10 intrepid ibex

i really hope you can help me fixing it.

regards conrad

Anonymous said...

instructions worked great. You da man!

Anonymous said...
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Tedi Heriyanto said...

Hi CS,

I've followed your example. And I am able to run NetworkMiner in openSUSE 11.x.

But before it start, it display the following message :


Unable to load WinPcap adapter!

Please install WinPcap or Wireshark

Application will now run using only Raw Socket connections.

Unable to load DLL "wpcap.dll"


Do I need to install wpcap.dll as suggested by the message ?

Anonymous said...

Great post. I followed your post and installed it on Slackware 12.0. The one thing I had to do was to download the package cabextract-1.2-i486-1mfb.tgz from and manually install it. Everything else worked perfectly.

Anonymous said...

Hi, when I try to execute NW, I get the following: could not load L"C:\\windows\\system32\\NetworkMiner.exe": Module not found

Not sure where I went wrong it looked like wine was loaded just fine as was NM and it extracted from zip. Thanks for any thoughts.

Unknown said...

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José Arellano said...