Friday, June 23, 2006

Aget - Flashget?

There's no open source flashget but there's a relatively good and fast http downloader which using multi threads to retrieve files from http server, though it is kinda old tool but I like it for the fact that it offers fast and consistent download speed, let's check out Aget. You may find the main site of aget at

I run aget with the recommended -n 20 threads and use -f to force the usage of 20 threads, there it goes ----->>>>>

With my crap ISP home link, I can get roughly of 83Kb/s. This is not bad at all for my situation. The only thing that aget lacking would be support for ftp, however since aget is no longer in active development, I doubt that it will be updated with that functionability, you can use wget for that purpose as alternative.

Cheers :]


ismael said...

if you wanna recommend somone to buy a laptop, whom will be running openbsd39 with GUI, what laptop would you recommend...btw, price dose not matter..

geek00L said...


If price doesn't matter, thinkpad X series is what you should go, as lots of OpenBSD developers are using thinkpad, thus it is well supported. However it is not limited to thinkpad only as you may find other supported notebook in the link below.

ismael said...

thanks.. i just skimped throught the lenovo thinkpads serires, only two laptops are mentioned in the openbsd laptop list that are working in the lenovo series... however my eyes are now on T43 and X60 ... hope this will be a good select...

u have a great blog there, been reading for quite some time, love ur work..

btw - i am from MALDIVES..a fellow who loves openBSD :)

geek00L said...


Thanks :)

Btw, is this Maldives that you mentioned?

Anonymous said...

i love EnderUNIX!