Friday, June 09, 2006

Xtra for ThinkPad X series Fluxbox users

If you are happenned to have Thinkpad X series and you are Fluxbox user, this is for you. I have few keys mapping work perfectly, here's how my configuration.

Here's my ~/.Xmodmap

keycode 92 = F13
keycode 111 = SunPrint_Screen
keycode 233 = XF86Forward
keycode 234 = XF86Back

Here's the keys file under ~/.fluxbox

Mod1 l :ExecCommand xlock -mode matrix -geometry 1x1 -enablesaver

None XF86Forward :NextWorkspace
None XF86Back :PrevWorkspace
None Print :ExecCommand scrot '%Y%m%d%R_$wx$h_scrot.png' -e 'mv $n ~/i-Screenshots/'

You can now jump to previous/next workspace with the mail forward and mail backwad key, and the printscreen will work too after you install scrot via package. Alternate + L will lock the machine if you install xlockmore.

Remember to add xmodmap ~/.Xmodmap at ~/.fluxbox/startup, this is important to get the key mapping works.

And guess WHAT?!!! Lenovo now turns their head again, check out the link below -

Again, we cheers :]


Anonymous said...

great article doode... got one question though... i love openbsd and been using it on desktops.. but am thinking to buy a laptop and use openBSD as the OS.. however the research on picking the right laptop is very daunting task..and did not found a suitable one, u seem quite good at it, it would be great if you could narrow it down for me. Id like to run fluxbox+gdm also.. thanks

geek00L said...


For hardware compatibilities, you can actually check out the infos at

And of course since lots of the OpenBSD developers use thinkpad X series, that's the best you can go with, however not limited to other brands as long as the hardware is supported. Make sure checking out the chipsets and stuffs before you buy.

Anonymous said...

You define SunPrint_Screen in .Xmodmap but you bind to "Print" in fluxbox. I don't think you need keycode 111...