Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Netflow - One Useful Link

While digging the information regarding Netflow, I found a very good reference and useful link, I think I will read over it in details before jumping to other resources I found because this seems to be better and complete with the RFC reference as well.


At the same time, I'm trying to learn about protocol tunnelling which I seldom get in touch with that used to evade IPS/IDS most of the time.

Cheers :)


spoonfork said...

look at http://www.dnstunnel.de/ for ssh tunnelling over DNS.

also: http://www.agroman.net/corkscrew/ for ssh tunnelling over HTTP

the traces make a good addition to our training class at hitbsecconf :)

geek00L said...


Thanks dude, damn much to read :P