Sunday, June 11, 2006


I know you like radio station with cool musics don't you, and might be one of the popular fm these days, in fact been very Open Source Oriented, you can even download the player for various OS including Linux and FreeBSD, I have just downloaded the FreeBSD version and try installing it, tada!!!! It goes perfectly and I can now have fun with last.rm. Remember to register in

Downloading it .....

Install with pkg_add after downloading it and start playing with

That's all, folks.

Cheers :)


kris said...

hey geek00l! while i usually don't understand half of what you write on other posts, i like your articles about doing simple, everyday stuff with FreeBSD, like this one.

I listen to channels on my Mac too and this post shows how easy it is to do the same thing on FreeBSD. keep it up!

Anonymous said...

nice wallpaper of the daemon. where'd u get that.

geek00L said...


hehe, thanks.


the wallpaper is downloaded via devianart, and the wallpaper name should be flameboy blabla :)