Thursday, January 05, 2006

~OpenBSD Colorful Shell~

Previously I have shown how you able to have colorful shell on FreeBSD and now I have it on OpenBSD, you can easily configure it by installing gnuls from ports /packages, after you have installed it , just add one liner to ~/.profile or ~/.bashrc, depends on what shell you are using.

shell>echo "alias ls='gls --color'" >> ~/.profile


shell>echo "alias ls-'gls --color'" >> ~/.bashrc

Then you are done.

Everyone loves color :)


Anonymous said...

Cool! I always want to find something to replace my plain black+white color shell...

heem said...

What is the name of the Font used by the terminal?

C.S.Lee said...

hi heem,

It is lfp-gamow or more complete -


You can find it in xfontsel if you have installed in using freebsd port/package.

Cheers ;]