Saturday, January 14, 2006

OpenBSD Sguil Installation Script

I have just finished my Sguil Installation Script for OpenBSD, it will automate the whole process of installation by running the script, I have uploaded it to here and you shall find the script's name is However you still have to configure sguil manually, I wish I have time to work on automating sguil configuration as well. Just to remind that the sguil client installation script which is is not compatible with, you shall install them in different machine since it's not a good idea to run sguil client in the same machine anyway.

I have just uploaded the patched barnyard and patched sancp to this location as well, I call them as barnyard-0.2.0-patched.tar.gz and sancp-1.6.1-patched.tar.gz, if you are using my installation script and you want to patch barnyard and sguil yourself, you have to tweak my installation script yourself since the installation script is fetching these two files from my central source location. I have also created the tclx8.4.tar.gz and uploaded to the same location as well since I don't want to install bzip2 in my system to keep minimal packages installation since tclx only distributes it's file with bzip compression.

I have also fix the minor erros in my installation guide.

I'm kind of tiring now after working on OpenBSD Sguil stuffs, however it's worth to spend times on it and I hope you find it useful.



Anonymous said...

Hey Geek00l,...

thanks for your work on getting sguil-0.6 on Openbsd - you rock!!
just a quick heads up - small typo on setting the SRC_URL env variable... SRC_URL=

C.S.Lee said...

Thanks :]