Saturday, January 14, 2006

Vmware FreeBSD Sguil

This is considered late post since most of people out there should have already known this, however I just mentioned it here for the sack of Richard. Instead of connecting to sguil demo server, if you really want to try out and know how Sguil works, now you have Sguil Vmware image available here. Sguil is deployed on FreeBSD platform and working properly. Insist I will try Richard's installation script as well as InstantNSM's installation script once I have time in hand.

Scottder has put up my Sguil on OpenBSD guide at this location, thanks again to all the sguil lamerz and enjoy yourself at Shmoocon if you are there.

By the way, I'm writing Sguil Installation Script for Sguil on OpenBSD to ease the deployment.

Cheers and peace :]

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