Thursday, April 05, 2007


Finally HITB SEC CONF 2007 in Dubai is over .....

I haven't have time to update my blog till today, the first two day before Conference, I was running a training with mel in Dubai, interestingly I have mix kind of people in my training class. I met guys from US Army and they are really cool folks, and most of people in the class are involved in network security field and that makes it more easy to run and involved.

Anyway the training was over, so the first day of conference topics cover various kind of areas. The keynote speech from Mikko(F-Secure) was decent, he has demonstrated F-Secure technology and how the online criminals can be operated via different kind of technologies and tricks around, I haven't really get into all the other talks but those should be interesting to listen to, I plan to download the presentation videos instead and watch it when I'm free. Anyway we have Capture The Flags Game going on simultaneously, there are totally 7 levels in the game and unfortunately no one has cracked the 0 level in the first but we think this is kind of fun. The game has nothing to do with network hacking but more on reverse engineering, looking for bugs in application(buffer/heap overflow, format strings and so forth), all the binaries will soon be published and anyone are welcomed to have fun with it.

The second day of conference started by the keynote speech from Lance Spitzner(if you don't know this guy and apparently you are not into information security world), he talked about honeypot technology. Another talk that I have listened to is Kernel Hacking: If I really know I can hack from Hc2c guys, Rodrigo Rubira Branco and Domingo Montanaro are really cool folks and both of them talked about Kernel IDS stuff, I got chance to talk with them and they are pretty interested in our CTF game as well. I'm looking forward to go to HC2Conference in Brazil if possible.

The CTF games end up without winners as no one has broken 4 levels in the game, however I guess this is good learning experience for everyone and thanks to all the participants and hopefully they have fun. Credits go to Mel, xWings and Rd who making the game happened.

While Rd can't make it to Dubai, we all love you!

Kudos to all HITB crews to make the event successful again.

Cheers ;]

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