Saturday, April 14, 2007

Windows - Sec & User Tools

There are few tools that I would like to try out but it is only available on Windows platform. Guess I need to install Windows in VMware for testing. I haven't really touch anything on Windows lately except for Windows Server 2003. Anyway here are the lists of tools that seems to be interesting to me -

- Winfingerprint

- Showtraf

- Proconvert

- Dataecho

- Liveview

- Sipp

- DaD

- Inferno

- Pedorosa

- Console

- Launchy

- VirtualWin

- EmergeDesktop

- Mewa

I'm not promoting Windows OS here, but most of the tools here are freely available and open source and it makes no harm to try them out. Anyway if you have experiences in any of these tools, I would like to hear some feedbacks from you as I'm in the lazy moods to try them out.

Cheers ;]


Anonymous said...

hey dude.poderosa not bad. comes with tabbed session. just nice and sweet. but the memory usage is a bit higher. cheers~

Anonymous said...

sometimes using windows is not a bad idea :P hehehe

Anonymous said...

I love launchy. It's like a demo version of quicksilver(mac software). I use fluxbox on linux, if anybody knows an alternative to katapult for linux, please tell me:

Anonymous said...

Winfingerprint works OK but I prefer the easier dump functionality of SuperScan4, also a Windows tool.