Saturday, April 21, 2007

Yes, I advocate open source. I support anyone who really want to push on open source stuffs. But I'm not doing enough as I don't involve in open source development or coding part. But do you really need to be almighty programmer in order to involve in open source movement? I bet not, there are many ways to promote open source. I believe every little piece of support and effort is important, whether you are testing the software, submit bug, writing documentation or etc.

My friend surface took different approach, he decided to promote open source usage by examples, and now it seems the site growing and there are many tips and tricks that are very useful. You can check it out at -

I'm surprised when I see this site too -

Well done, surface! May the force be with you!!!!!

Cheers ;]


王同 said...

Thanks dude, with your support, Linux By Examples flying without wings.

aizatto said...

Is this a sponsored post :P?

Anonymous said...

well done, well done.. :)

C.S.Lee said...


I charge very expensive for this post. You can ask surface.

王同 said...

aizatto: email me, if you want to know a pricing. By the way, charge less.