Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Message to network device vendors

These days command line interface(CLI) becomes not so popular to manage network devices such as routers, switches and etc anymore, the replacement is the "not so shiny" web graphical user interface(GUI).

Basically I have no complaint about the usability of web GUI, it provides really easy to use interface for new users and good kickstart to manage the network devices especially when you are not familiar with specific network devices, but I really have one rant here. There are many vendors producing web GUI that only works well on certain web browser especially Internet Explorer, and there's no access through CLI, this is annoying to network administrators that are using open source softwares.

To the vendors, if you can't produce the web GUI that works across multiple web browser platforms, then just give us CLI(ssh preferred) and we can work it out instead of seeing your ugly GUI which is non-productive.

Thanks ;]


Bink said...

Hear! Hear!

e0n said...

Amen Brother!