Sunday, March 02, 2008


Idle is bad for a blogger, here's the update for most of the things I have been following -

- FreeBSD 7 is released

- Wireshark 0.99.8 is released

- Ourmon 2.8 is released

You can find the FreeBSD 7 release note here and interesting interview here to study what are the features and fixes offered by them. For wireshark, read this one. I'm particularly interested in the ntar(next generation pcap) and rpcap support. Last but not least, check out the new features that are included in Ourmon 2.8 here! It is now supporting threads and people with multiple cpus(quad core!) most likely will benefit from it, I'm also looking into blacklisting feature and maybe it can integrate with our Harimau Watchlist.

I'm busy with my personal thingy so I won't be very active until mid of March, anyway with the release of FreeBSD 7, HeX 2.x engineering begins!

Cheers ;]

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