Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Ethereal On OpenBSD-3.8

I'm sure most of you miss Ethereal on OpenBSD since it has been dropped out from package/port for the reason of being insecure, however since it is a must tool for network analyzt, we still prefer to keep it in our pocket. But the problem is many people keep getting problems and errors while compiling Ethereal from source.

I'm fortunately enough to get to this url when googling which providing instructions of compiling Ethereal under OpenBSD, apparently it is not too hard. I have tested it under OpenBSD current and have little correction on that installation guide.

For quick setup, I install OpenBSD using latest snapshot, and use the package here since this is rather easy and fast to build system.

Before you run, you will have to export autconf and automake version. You can make sure of it's version with ls /usr/local/bin/ | grep autoconf and automake, you should be seeing the version that has been installed, then we export it with the commands below.

shell>export AUTOCONF_VERSION=2.59

shell>export AUTOMAKE_VERSION=1.9


shell>./configure && gmake && gmake install

Make sure you have all the softwares installed before installing Ethereal, else you will be getting errors and won't be able to compile successfully.

Here's the screenshot (:])


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this great post. I love your blog; it's really helping me get more out of OpenBSD.

Keep up the great work!
A Canadian OpenBSD Enthusiast

Anonymous said...

Wow!!!... i was putting a Debian CD, i really need Ethereal and I read this!!!! Thanks man.. Great Work!!!