Monday, December 26, 2005

Wget saves the day .....

Today I'm having intermittent connection, again thanks to my ISP, I'm downloading OpenBSD snapshot since I need the latest OpenBSD to try out network interface trunking. It shouldn't be too hard to download by using wget and creating iso for the snapshot.

shell>mkdir -p /nsm/OpenBSD/snapshots/i386

shell>cd /nsm/OpenBSD/snapshots/i386


Bang!!! Again my internet connection stucked and stop working, if I have used the ftp client that comes with OpenBSD, I'm totally screw out and have to redownload it, fortunately with wget, I can just resume it with

shell>wget -c*

Now the download resumes and I able to continue on it without problem. If the connection goes wrong again, I will be able to resume again with the same command. After the snapshot has been downloaded, I just need to run the commands below to create the iso for it.

shell> cd /nsm

shell>mkhybrid -r -b snapshots/i386/cdrom38.fs -c "boot.catalog" -o OpenBSD_20051226.iso OpenBSD

I prefer to put a date to keep track of iso I created because snapshot updates frequently. By now you should already have the OpenBSD_20051226.iso and you can burn it to CD using any kind of Operating Systems.

Ain't it easy to create OpenBSD iso :]


Anonymous said...

Ya, wget is nice, can resume. But is there other downloader where it can download multiple sections simultaneously just like flashget or net-transporter in linux?

I am not sure what file type is .fs
But in linux, to rip out iso from cdrom can use dd

dd if=\\cdrom-mount-point of=c:~\disc1.iso bs=1M

(can use dd on windows too.)

C.S.Lee said...

I don't know much about other downloaders, however I was successfully running flashget using wine before that. Especially with ubuntu, everything becomes handy.

GuTi said...

Don't blame ISP, TMNut is bad, their connection still better than the average Internet Service Provider...


Unknown said...

try the firefox extension -> "Down Them All" , or the standalone downloader Downloader4X .. both support chucking and can resume .. supports both ftp and http .. i personally prefer DTA for everyday use and D4X when i need some advanced functions (eg. multiple sources for 1 download, switching source url , etc) .. both are great IMO

TMNut's HTTP service is GREAT! .. its not rare getting > 100KBps with http download .. however , other protocols with then sux .. FTP slow .. Torrent worst ...