Saturday, December 10, 2005

Sguil - InstantNSM

It was a real pain to go through the whole process of Sguil installation and configuration, and do I say it WAS, Hanashi, one of Sguil dedicated member, has created InstantNSM to put everything together. You no longer need to install everything by hand manually. So what is InstantNSM anyway.

InstantNSM simplifys Sguil deployment by providing pre-tested software components, and by automating common adminstrative tasks. With InstantNSM, Sguil deployment will be nearly a turnkey solution. This is stated in the project page.

Isn't this is what we need as security administrator, not dealing with all the hassles of setting it up, but more concentrating on security and vulnerability control plus incident handling. If you plan to try out Sguil, give InstantNSM a try and visit #snort-gui irc channel if you have problem.

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