Thursday, December 15, 2005


I have blogged about InstantNSM previously, and finally testing it on Centos-4.2, after spending some times on it and with the help of Hanashi, I finally able to get Sguil up and running with InstantNSM script, the script allows you to have control of your Sguil Server and Sensor, and over the journey of InstantNSM, I have learnt how to build rpm package with source rpm as well, it is quick and easy. Since I need mysqltcl for Sguil server, and mysqltcl is not in the yum repository, I have to download the source rpm from it's site. There's version 3.01 and 2.51, I need the version 2.51 since 3.01 is incompatible with Sguil, after I downloaded it, I build the rpm with the rpmbuild,

shell>rpmbuild --rebuild mysqltcl-2.51.src.rpm

Thanks to Hanashi, and with that I have mysqltcl rpm package under /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i386 directory. If you don't have rpmbuild, just yum install rpm-build will do.

Everyday is Learning Day :)

Below is the screenshot of my first InstantNSM build, I will add more sensors to see how things go.


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