Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Post Office - Out Of Service

Yesterday I went to the post office to pay bills, however when I reach the front door, they put up a sign board with the cool excuse - "Post Office closed, computer spoilt!" and it was Monday 2pm. I'm kind of feeling "WTF" seeing all the employees in the Post Office inside chit-chating there and not working.

Can you tell me what kind of Post Office System is this, it sounds really ridiculous to have all the computers spoilt at the same time and there's no backup, this is not only causing total loss of the people who come and pay for bill or mailing, but where is the reputation of Malaysia Post Office anyway?

I'm pissed, nobody can accept this excuse, so do I.


Unknown said...

Havent u been a Malaysian long enough to know its a norm, and these kind of things are as common as the rain in Malaysia... keke

Marjan Jeffry said...

not everybody in malaysia uses ...bsd..Gnu/Linux you know. So to answer your question... I can really happen... the "spoilt" thing..

Anonymous said...

I'll be pissed too if I were in your shoes

Anonymous said...

Even bsd/GNU/Linux have kernel panic. kekekeke.

GuTi said...

BSD is cool, but Malaysia post office is da best...ok!

what m i talking about?

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