Thursday, December 22, 2005

Windows Sguil Client

Again I have put everything together, this time I upload the softwares needed to run Sguil client on Windows. If you are using Windows Operating System, and you would like to connect to the Sguil Demo Server, now thing becomes easy and straight forward.

Download all the softwares needed from here. Then just do the default installation for ActiveTcl and Ethereal. To have it supporting ssl, you need to unzip the tls file, then copy it to C:\tls\lib\ and define it's path in sguil.conf. Now you should unzip the sguil-client file, and you will see and sguil.conf under client directory. Edit the sguil.conf as below,

set TLS_PATH "c:/tcl/lib/tls1.5/tls15.dll"

set ETHEREAL_PATH "c:/progra~1/Ethereal/ethereal.exe"

set BROWSER_PATH "c:/progra~1/Mozilla Firefox/firefox.exe"

To avoid version mismatch error when connecting to Sguil Demo Server, just edit it in,

set VERSION "SGUIL-0.6.0"

By now you should be able to launch by using wish(tk) which is in bundled in Activetcl.

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