Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Fluxbox-0.9.15 Released

Again my favourite WM - Fluxbox moving to next level. You may find the changelog here


It is still in devel phase but you may find it very stable and fast. Check out another upcoming project - Knoppix-NSM that based on Network Security Monitoring model which uses Fluxbox as it's Window Manager too. Thanks Richard for the link.


I can't wait for it's release .....

Cheers :)


Anonymous said...

hey..madjack here. suprisingly, you also use fluxbox eh??

C.S.Lee said...

Hi madjack,

All time fluxbox users ...


Joel Esler said...

Dude, I think all security people I know that have blogger.com accounts all use the same theme. Simple and Black = good

C.S.Lee said...

hey joel,

Simple == No_junks