Saturday, March 25, 2006

New FreeBSD Sguil VM released

This time, Richard at taosecurity has built a new sguil VM that based on Sguil-0.6.1. He has just put up the descriptions and how to use the Sguil Vm in his blog here. I have downloaded and boot it up with my VMware, just follow the instructions of his blog and you may find it works in couple of minutes. I would like to try his installation script but currently I'm busy, feel free to try out and report to him if you have problem with it, by now all the components of Sguil is installed with separated scripts to clean the process of installation instead of installing everything with single script.

This is just one of my screenshot, and you may find the Sguil VM download link in his blog. With this you no longer need to go through painful installation process.

Have fun with Sguil (:])

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