Saturday, March 18, 2006

OpenBSD Sguil Doc

I have been receiving lots of emails about the Sguil setup on OpenBSD, though I have written the installation guide, as well as releasing the sguil vmware image. I'm looking forward to upgrade my installation guide with better rewrite and improve the sguil vmware image as well. Though it is not easy to setup sguil on OpenBSD, I have also included the sguil installaiton script. I promise I will update the installation script too once OpenBSD 3.9 is shipped.

For anyone who have problem, please wait for OpenBSD 3.9 or you should run on either OpenBSD 3.8 stable. Mysql 5.0.18 port/package is available and it ease your installation experience. I will try to create port/package for mysqltcl when I have my spare time.

Stay tuned.


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