Sunday, March 19, 2006

Scapy: 3D Tracerouting

This serve as updates for my Scapy on FreeBSD installation guide. Though there's already scapy ports for FreeBSD, however it is dated and you might need to download the latest scapy to play with this new feature - 3D graph for traceroute function. You can just grab the latest scapy here -

To enable new functionality for Scapy which is added recently that allows you to create 3D graph of traceroute like the one showing in the Scapy's main page, you will have to install boost-python and py24-visual.

Here's quicky for it,

shell>pkg_add -vr boost-python

shell>pkg_add -vr py24-visual

I won't be showing how you can generate the 3D graph here since it is explainned in Scapy main site. Here are the screenshots,

I'm glad that Scapy keeps improving day by day, if you really feel interested of Scapy, submit yourself to the mailing list and you might find yourself excited where you will see more and more protocols are supported and added by the scapy community.

Enjoy (:])

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