Thursday, March 30, 2006

A to Z Introduction

I have found two applications which attracts my attention enough. One of them is Zebedee, I hardly see this tool been mentionned anywhere and it seems promising. It is used to encrypt and secure the connection over tcp/ip and udp. Maybe it will be another alternative of ssh when come to creating tunnel for your insecure connection that acrossing the network in plain text form.

The second application I would like to try out is AIRT, this AIRT is different than the one called airt-linux, airt-linux is used to detect misbehavioural of system when it is suspected to be compromised. However AIRT is developed to address the need of Incident Response Team to profile and manage all the cases effectively. It provides web based system that allows access from anywhere as long as you have internet browser.

That's all I want to share for now, cheers :]

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