Saturday, April 29, 2006

the Handbook and the Training

I have mentioned previously about writing building network security analyst workstation handbook before, and yes I haven't get it finished yet because I'm thinking of integrating it to the book titled "Network Security Analyst Handbook". The book itself will demonstrate how you can use various kind of Open Source tools to perform network security analysis. Besides, it will demonstrate on how to build NSM and securing network stuffs. I will release it once I get it done.

Me and mel aka spoonfork will run 2 days tech training at HITB Conference 2006, you can check out the training detail here. Mel has also written a cool description about what will be taught through out the training which is interesting here.

Cheers :]


sputera said...

Hi Geek00l,

Wonder if you can help me...

I have one powerpoint file (.ppt) created using Ms Powerpoint. Then, I edit it using Open Office Impress.

After saving that file, suddenly it corrupt. It will open in OpenOffice Writer with ASCII format.

Hmmm... do you know how to solve this problem. I have presentation tonite.

Kris said...

hey man. can't wait to read that book.

sputera, you can always post that problem at the myDEFCON forum. You'll have a better chance at getting help there.

Hey geek00l, need to send u the photos btw.
Email/GTalk: kris.khaira (a)
MSN: kriskhaira (a)

geek00L said...


Hehe, yeah. I need that photo anyway. Guess you already know my email address. By the way to sputera, I don't know of anyway to recover it maybe you can just try to open it using OO presentation and save it, since you can already open it in Ascii format in writer, shouldn't be tricky to do that. Cheers.

Sean said...

hey dude, glad to hear tat U were presenting in da HITB~ Cool~

All da best ^_^

geek00L said...

Thx :]