Sunday, April 30, 2006

OpenBSD-3.9 + Sguil-???

I can't wait for sguil 0.6.+++ now, or maybe 0.7. The new feature where PADS is almost integrated empowering me to be the beta tester for it. However I have faced slightly problem and hopefully get it fixed soon.

For people who want to run Sguil on OpenBSD, good new is that every components that are part of Sguil are compiled successfully on OpenBSD 3.9 current, I can get tcl-8.4.13, tk-8.4.13 and even Mysqltcl-3.02 compiled and working fine. I'm rewriting my installation guide now while waiting for the next release of Sguil. Since making sguil installaition is what most people asking for, I'm on my way of creating it as well, I will just pack everything into the iso and let you decide what to install, most properly this way people no longer need to download the source manually but having everything in one iso is more efficient. Sguil client installation guide will be included in the installation guide for various OS such as Ubuntu Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD and OpenBSD.

Since most of the things get to compiled, I will be starting of working on Sguil OpenBSD port, but I will create one by one because of lacking time. If anyone want to help out, please email me on this part.

By the way, I also need to spend my free time on creating Linux Live CD for Mydefcon. Hands are full now but sharing with the world is what we should do.

For people who don't know what PADS is, check out

With passive asset detection system, Sguil is now one step ahead (:])

Peace .....


spoonfork said...

i'm looking into creating gentoo livecd now. looks pretty doable.

Anonymous said...

so how is this going?