Monday, April 24, 2006

KL, I'm here now.

Finally I'm in KL now, preparing for the presentation tomorrow. However my pal - sickness decides to come with me as well, I hope I can get rid of him as soon as possible.

And now what? Most properly I will be going to meet myosser who is so alone, first guy to meet would be the m0nk-wannabe. Hopefully I don't see him botak.

I will write about network/bsd related stuffs once I get back and putting the presentation slide online, for the requests.

Cheers :]


sputera said...


I'm waiting for the yesterday slaid about NSM...
Can't wait for it...

iza said...

Hi CSLee,
Im the one who asked u abt netdude after ur presentation last time. And u d one who answered my question to Adli regarding email.
Bravo for your 'brief but compact with knowledge' presentation.
I really really really interested in squil and netdude after tht. Seems like squil works so well with dshield, ethereal, netdude and etc etc, but how is that possible to put nagios in that package?
Can u tell me what tools u use for squil?
Anyway, i thought the presentation slide is downloadable from mimos website. I want it too.
Your title "KL Im here now" Where were u b4 this?
Why ur name is familiar one huh?

the.madjack said...

hey dude. how's life at kl? ada pergi happy happy at late night around kl city? hehe! take care and hopes your sickness will go away.

geek00L said...


:) I will put the presentation slide as soon as possible.


If you want to ask more about NSM, communication through email is better since it is easy for me to keep track, by the way this is comment column which I can't answer really well here. Cheers :)


Dude, go to get LPI and stop mumbling, anyway thanks for your concern :)

iza said...

Your email plisss TQ

Lotso said...

Dude... How long you staying for? Fancy a Meetup with the rest of the guys??

geek00L said...



dude! I haven't met u yet.

kenmin said...

yo geeky,
what m0nk-wannabe ?