Saturday, May 13, 2006

Bad Day

My lovely testing machine is dead, I totally have no idea how to fix it since it keeps popping error after booting, it must be hardware issue.

I have been busy with my hardware stuffs and trying to clean things up, however sometimes when luck is not with you, you may always get things like OS dropping into debugger shell, OS can't be loaded properly and other mess. I have been trying hard to fix them now. Old hardware is always sensitive where you can't simply pull the plug!!!!!

I'm still looking around to get old hardware which is abandonned. There are lots of people out there abandon their old hardware and just putting it at home in dead state, I would like to give a life to those hardware and one of my friend says that he has tons of old hardwares that he hasn't tested and may pass it to me, I'm looking forward to build my better testing lab with them.

Don't put the machine aside, give them life :]


Anonymous said...

Aha... if you have old hardware, but feel t1r3d to test it all, you might want to forward it to me.. hehe.

Unknown said...

anyone willing to test my old hardware and pass back 2me if its stil working?

geek00l, wil u help? can i bring u those hardware 2moro?